ETF & Index Tokens

BlockIndex works with fund managers to construct ETF type products made up of security tokens. Powered by Liquid Token Asset Tokenization Platform. 

BlockIndex is a blockchain powered marketplace for index tokenisation. We are building a financial revolution that will bring the world’s $350 Trillion in illiquid assets, onto the blockchain and into digital wallets via index tokens.

BlockIndex Tokens are made of up to 20 of the leading coins and tokens across a particular market segment. We apply traditional investor analysis and valuations based on a mix of old and new metrics.

The tokens are placed in a basket and autobalanced, exited and entered according to market conditions. Each Index Token is a tokenised fund consisting of up to 20 thematic coins and tokens.

Valuations and trading decisions are informed by AI algorithms, sentiment data and personal meetings with founders and their customers to ascertain deep market insights, and guide investment portfolio management.


Impact Index Token

As technology development and it’s complexity exponentially increases, humanity’s ability to mitigate risk exponentially reduces. The purpose of impact technologies is to mitigate systemic risk by evolving entirely new markets for what are currently considered externalities by markets and Governments.

The Impact Index Token incorporates platforms, blockchains and projects that incentivise attribution of natural and cultural value, incentivise ecosystem and community services, and reduce the externalities on people and the planet.

  • Skymining
  • Regen Network
  • Alpha Token
  • Eko
  • Nori
  • Swytch
  • Solarcoin

Blockchain Index Token

Coins with their own blockchains demonstrate network effects, network participation and community usage which all effect valuations and growth prospects.

Coin and token economics for the blockchains we place in our Index Token need to demonstrate a compelling use case.


  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Neo
  • ICON
  • Stellar
  • Waves

Fintech Index Token

Blockchain and dApps are disrupting traditional financial services through disintermediation, near instant settlement, transfer fees at fraction of the cost, and sophisticated functionality such as ‘Know Your Transaction’ data embedded into payments and escrow for fiat and crypto on and offramps.

  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Airswap
  • OmiseGo
  • IvyKoin

AI Index Token

AI applications are utilised extensively in centralised and distributed systems with machine learning use cases across any problem solving scenario imaginable.

Machine Learning in decentralized environments may yield new breakthrough insights as a result of interoperable open databases communicating within complex ecosystems that are agency centric. AI built on principles of decentralisation and distributed resource may yield very different applications to existing model.

  • QTUM
  • Singularity
  • Rialto
  • TradeMindX

Governance Index Token

Blockchain is enabling Internet 3.0, the Internet of Value which will include the tokenisation of up to 10 $trillion in assets by 2020. For blockchain to work effectively it requires Governance and consensus mechanisms that assures security, immutability, scalability for both global and local contexts simultaneously.

Smart contracts, to be legally enforceable require arbitration and dispute resolution mechanisms incorporated into each smart contract. Examples of smart contract arbitration models include the World Blockchain Chamber of Commerce.

  • Aragon
  • DaoStack
  • Tezos
  • Culture

Exchange Index Token

Exchange tokens have unique utility providing users with discounted rates for trading and using margin products. The token economics are clear and the adoption curve of exchange tokens demonstrates the resilience of some tokens, even in the toughest market conditions.

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • Aura

About BlockIndex

Cryptocurrencies submit their application for inclusion to our suite of index token products. Our community made up of  investors, fund managers and blockchain engineers consider each cryptocurrency on it's merit. Investors will be able to track our future index tokens across thematic market segments, cutting down on portfolio complexity and time requirements.

Our tokenisation technology stack combined with licenced fund management partners give our curated index token offerings significant market reach. Digital assets are disrupting venture capital, traditional capital markets and IPOs. Investment into digital assets, exceeded $6.2 billion in 2017 and exceed $14 billion by July 2018. With just 0.5% of the global population owning digital assets, this is just the beginning.

Index Tokenisation Technology

We create liquidity through smart tokenisation. The BlockIndex platform enables cryptocurrencies and asset tokens to be tokenised into an index token for thematics areas including Blockchain, AI, Fintech, Governance & Impact. Index tokens are similar to index funds, but are made up of cryptocurrencies on blockchain. Indexed cryptocurrencies are not financial services or fund management products. BlockIndex is poised to play a significant role in creating new index tokens across all market segements, enabling participants to easily track performance without holding thousands of separate cryptocurrencies across different platforms and wallets.

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